Photography Tuition

We are keen to share our knowledge with you, so if you’re looking for some guidance and tips to create your own marketing material then we can help.

We also run workshops, tailored to you. Whether you want to learn the fundamentals or expand your knowledge and improve your skills, we can help you understand your own kit or get you started with ours.

Bespoke Workshops

We provide bespoke one-on-one or group workshops for individuals and businesses to enable you to take desired photos for in-house requirements. The training you will receive will help you to showcase the day-to-day activities of your business.


Our long-term partnership with Twycross Zoo, gives you the opportunity to get to grips using your own kit to its full ability, all while using the zoo’s range of wonderful animals. We also teach you about the range of animals the zoo has to offer and the issues and success those species face in the wild. This can also be organised as a team building event.

Need some more help?